Making Excess Baggage more affordable

At Atlas Express Cargo, we provide forwarding and clearing services for personal belongings or excess baggage to travellers and people relocating from and to Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Reducing Excess Baggage Rates

Air travel is a highly competitive means of travel, yet the price of transporting excess baggage remains high by most travellers’ standards. At Atlas Express Cargo we aim to reduce the costs related to this service. We offer lower excess baggage rates than those charged by airlines and other providers, and your items should arrive within 3 – 5 days, depending on your destination and any delays.

Shipping Excess Baggage Worldwide

We offer a collection service for your excess baggage in most cities metropolitan areas by appointment. In certain areas we also offer a complete service from your office or home which includes after hours and weekend collections, paperwork, baggage weighing and taking payment. Please contact us to find out more about the availability of these services in your city. As excess baggage shippers, our continued success is dependent on consistently providing our customers with excellent service. We strive to meet and exceed all your expectations and endeavour to outperform our competitors in this highly competitive airline industry. We encourage our clients to provide us with feedback on our customer care and the services we offer in order to continuously improve our level of excellence.

Finding the Best Deal

People often make the mistake of choosing the first excess baggage shipper which they can locate or is recommended to them. However, by digging a bit deeper and doing a little independent research, you will often find a provider which can offer you all the services you require, at a price which will fall in your budget. If you are looking on the internet as most people generally do, you might find numerous companies who claim to be able to provide the services you require. It is however always recommended that you check their references first. Established shipping companies with good track records will always be happy to provide information about past satisfied clients, and it is advisable to contact more than one company in order to get a more balanced view on the services you can expect for your money.

Peace of Mind

When shipping your personal belongings by air freight, you want complete peace of mind without having to worry about unreliable service providers. The hassles of missed deliveries or delays can cause numerous problems, even if your excess baggage is insured. You can check the reliability of various potential providers, you can go online and look for airport excess baggage reviews. As these are real people commenting on their own personal experiences, you will be able to immediately get a feel for the level of service you can expect from any selected provider. With the help of the internet, you are able to find exactly what you need and make informed decisions of any product or service before you buy.

The Professionals

At Atlas Express Cargo, we pride ourselves on our level of service, and are confident that we can not only provide you with the best service but also the most competitive rates. Should you be anything less than perfectly satisfied with the service you received, please feel free to contact us and we will take the necessary steps to rectify any issues that might have arisen.




Suitcases and Bags
Suitcase (Small)

Dims: 55cm x 35cm x 30cm
Weight hold: min 10 to 30 kg max

Suitcase (Large)

Dims: 75cm x 45cm x 40cm
Weight hold: min 22 to 60 kg max

Standard Box

Dims: 60cm x 50cm x 50cm
Weight hold: min 25 to 50 Kg max

Large Box

Dims: 80cm x 60cm x 50cm
Weight hold: min 40 to 80  kg max

Personal Effective Delivery Services

Have you ever tried to worry about to send personal effects or excess baggage back home? Atlas Express Cargo can be far more economical than paying the airlines’ excess baggage charge at check in and more convenient.

No matter where you locate, drop us a call (+9714 2268243) or write email  to us, Atlas Express Cargo will arrange picking-up services from your home, shops and offices to delivery to your appointed destination. Our network may cover more than 80% big cities from the world.

Atlas Express Cargo designed to meet the needs of:

University students from overseas and wish to send personal possessions or study materials back home.
Tourists visiting who have found themselves leaving with more than they came with, or perhaps are travelling home via another country and want to send excess baggage or personal effects on ahead of them. Whether it is books, sports equipment, clothes, and other indispensable items that won’t fit in the overhead airline locker and take you over your baggage allowance, we will take it. Talk to Atlas Express Cargo on-line services with Whats App +971504519528 , we can custom pack your personal effects and get them home safely.

Very Important: All dangerous goods and regulated items must been delivery under regulations.


Send us your inquiry and our representative will be in touch with you soon.