Inspection Solutions:

With a comprehensive range of inspection services, we can help you better manage risk from product design to store shelf. And we can provide you with technical support to develop your inspections program in a way that can help to minimize risks and costs. Each different type of inspection we offer has a specific objective and benefit. All work together to monitor the quantity and the quality of products throughout shipping. We can work with you to select and customize a program that best meets your needs.

Packing Solutions:

Atlas Express Cargo  nowprovides a Repacking service. Shipments that can benefit from repacking will be identified by our trained operations staff, without needing your involvement, and repacked into padded envelopes.
We may repack your item in two situations:

If the shipment is inadequately packed (either damaged or insufficient for international transportation), we will repack it for you for added protection and security.

If the package has a high volumetric weight, we repack it into smaller padded envelopes to reduce their volume and therefore lower the shipping charges. Experience tells us that shipments repacked save over 20% in volume, which represents a reduce in cost of your product.


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